The most important aspect of Chronos Workflow Platform is to provide a self-service system to the users where complex processes can be created by using the simplest tool. Explore the advantages and highlights of Chronos Workflow Platform compared to other workflow systems currently available on the market:

CategoryOther Workflow SystemsChronos Workflow Platform (CWP)

Embedded into software development environment.

- Supports the software developers.

- Special development client needs to be installed.

Embedded into user environment.

- Supports the users.

- Simple web-based access for administration and user interface.


Speeds up the workflow application development projects.

Application development NOT required 

for process set-up and workflow automation itself.


Necessary knowledge for system developments:

- The programming language + development environment + business process.

There is no system development. No-coding.

- Only business process set-up..

Process set-up

Average development time of a process (from technical point of view):

2-3 months

Average development time of a process (from technical point of view):

2-3 days

Resources Increases the necessity of IT developers/vendors. Application developer is NOT needed.
Process numbers 1 application with 1 or limited process numbers. Any number of processes.
Support Requires IT developer support for the whole applicationlifetime. Requires business (key) user support for the process lifetime.

Any user requirement can be solved with

custom development.

Approximately 95% of user requirements can be solved without any custom development.

Self-service tool.

(*)On average the pure application development is up to 40-50% of the total project time, and speeding up means 15-20% of the total project time.