Let the Work Flow With Chronos Workflow

Document Management 

Chronos Workflow Document Management tool supports the contribution, structuring and distribution of enterprise content in a controlled and secured environment. This tool extends the unique features of Chronos Workflow Platform usage. With it you can:
  • Seamlessly create process and document hierarchy (in any arbitrary depth), file folders / subfolders and besides the basic document management functions use the check-in/out function, version history / audit history capabilities. 
  • Document filing and records management abilities.
  • Build dynamic document filing based on metadata enabling a document-driven enterprise operation on demand as well. As process users can even create and store meta datas within a document during a process step those data can be easily chosen. 
  • Use the word-merge emailing function based on any process data.

  • Digital signature function.
  • Security and access rights rules can be defined as on site/folder/ file-level.
  • Easily integrate existing enterprise data and information (i.e. ERP, SAP, email) choosing one of the 3 connection methods including the SOA-based web services.

The document-driven process automation is fully possible. Automate your business specific document flows to increase productivity and reduce time to process and change documents. 

Chronos Workflow Platform helps to adapt your document management requirements and build a document-driven process automation along with the conventional control-flow based workflows on this one platform.