Chronos Workflow Consulting and Advisor Partner

If your business focus is Consulting on Process Management, Process Automation, Business Consulting or Training services and you want to use Chronos Workflow Platform to assist the services you are offering your customers, than you are highly recommended to join our Partner Program and become a Chronos Workflow Consultant or Process Advisor.


Chronos Workflow Solution Reseller 

If your business focus is IT/Tech and you are an excellent service provider or consultant on collecting customer's requirements and matching enterprise or Saas solutions to those requirements and helping on consulting during the implementation of that solution than you are highly recommended to join our Partner Program and become a Chronos Workflow Reseller and Solution Partner.

Position your practice as a leader by recommending the Business Process Automation solutions like Chronos Workflow Platform.


Reseller Benefits 

  • Grow your business rapidly with new sales revenue streams and leads.
  • Free training and follow-up on latest selling points and software features.  
  • Chronos Workflow (CWP) helps you to generate fast income by selling enterprise licences.
  • Also generate long-term income by owning client SaaS / Cloud subscriptions.


Reseller Pricing Terms

When working with pricing with our Reseller Program, there are a few terms you need to understand. You will encounter these terms when setting pricing to your customers and on commission reports.

  • Minimum CWP Retail Price - The lowest possible price you can charge customers without opting in to special promotions or making them discount shoppers.
  • Reseller Price Settings Your price settings are the prices you charge your customers:
    • Custom pricing - Choose your own pricing as a fixed US dollar amount above the suggested default sale price.
    • Default pricing - Choose your pricing as a US dollar amount above or close to the suggested retail price. Default pricing updates with changes made to minimum and suggested retail factors.
  • CWP Sale Price  Your price that you charge as a reseller to your own customers.


Whether you apply for a Chronos Workflow Consulting/Advisor or Solution Reseller Partner Program all of these benefits do add up to one thing – supercharging your business growth.