Easily automate your HR processes and collaborate with your colleagues with a task-driven focus. See examples of processes our clients manage and automate most often:

  • Employee on-boarding
  • New Contingent Worker Request
  • Employee contract approval
  • Employee assessment and performance review
  • Bonus review and approvals
  • Holiday request and approval
  • Employee position and contract change process
  • Travel request and cost reimbursement approval
  • Pool car request and approval
  • Employee leaving process

Dealing with employees is always a time-consuming requires extra attention for taking care lots of small tasks. HR processes also involves strong collaboration with the business managers, legal department. New hires with multiple onboarding steps, including approving salaries and benefits, collecting personal details & IDs, sketching contracts, signing all related documents, requesting IT login/email/system approvals, applying for various trainings and not mentioning chage requests.

Example for Travel Expense Approval

Chronos Workflow (CWP) is able to automatically route tasks through the process to each subsequent steps, all the way to the completion of the specific business request or approval.

  • A manager incurs a travel expense and fills out an electronic form directly within the workflow system.
  • He takes a photo of his receipt with his mobile phone camera and attaches it to the expense form he just completed.
  • When he presses the save and submit button, it is uploaded and deposited into the workflow database, electronic repository.
  • The system intelligently recognizes the total amount on the expense form and automatically sends it to the appropriate person for approval prior to accounting receiving it.
  • The manager receives a notification in his e-mailbox that an approval must be completed. He opens the e-form, reviews the receipts, and approves the expenses (or sends back to modification / clarification).
  • It then gets automatically routed to accounting to kick off the reimbursement workflow and get posted to the appropriate accounts.

New Contingent Worker Request process

Clients can easily complete an e-form that gets routed to the Agency in order to arrange the employment of a New Contingent Worker.

  • A manager requests a new contingent worker with completing the below e-form and uploading documents (such as CV, Job description) directly into the workflow system (see example below). 
  • Agency receives the e-form within en-email notification to login and adds further data regarding to the completed employment arrangements.
  • Agency can also send back the form for modification or for further clarifications to the client, if necessary..
  • Once the employee signs his/her contract, the Agency may print and sign the e-form in order to send it to the client for countersign, again if necessary. Client automatically receives an e-mail notification on the activities Agency just completed.

Advantages for Human Resources

  • Reduced time and cost resulted by the faster client/agency/3rd party collaboration.
  • You may digitize any paper or e-mail based forms and processes. Modify fields as you wish, at anytime.
  • Increased internal business satisfaction for wrapping-up tasks smoothly.
  • Faster preparing and sending documents to avoid loosing the candidate to a competitor.
  • Increased internal business satisfaction for wrapping-up tasks smoothly.

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