The use of automation across the pharmaceutical and biotech industry has increased recently. The general pressures on the industry to improve efficiency and reduce costs have strengthen this trend with the technological advances available for complex and most importantly self-service process automation.

Nowadays, automation is not necessarily implemented just to reduce resource costs, but rather to improve experimental and product development accuracy, overall the workflow efficiency on a wider activity range.

The below processes are the some of the examples pharma and biotech companies are keen to automate first. We helped them  all to achieve such digitization by the Chronos Workflow Platform solution:

  • Generic drug development process,
  • Purchase approvals based on group or local budgets,
  • Issue resolution,
  • Quality Control,
  • Production change management,
  • Labeling legal and translation approvals. 
  • Process can be changed easily and within hours.
  • Document-based process trail.
  • Increased internal business satisfaction.
  • Improved quality management and audits with visual and downloadable reports, visual process history trail feature.
  • Reduced costs and time resulted by the faster internal collaboration.