Digitization in the front and back office is become more relevant for the retail/commercial banks, insurance and financial services providers.

The digitization has two main objectives: improvement of the client experience and automation of processes. With Chronos Workflow Platform we provide a self-service solution for the process automation and it brings new capabilities to financial service providers by allowing them to address their clients faster, better and precisely coping with the internal/external regulations.

See examples of processes our customers manage, digitize and automate by Chronos Workflow Platform:

  • Monitoring and tracking the suspicious transactions,
  • Complaint handling,
  • Loan contract management and approvals,
  • Credit line approvals.
  • Faster response time and better business experience.
  • Data quality and improved risk management.
  • Better resource utilization.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Improving product innovation and competitive agility.
  • Processes can be changed easily, within hours.
  • Document-based process trail.
  • Increased internal business satisfaction.
  • Improved quality management and audits with visual and downloadable reports, visual process history trail feature.
  • Reduced costs and time resulted by the faster internal collaboration.