The best business process tools do not need programmers or a whole IT department to create workflows. CWP is web-based enabling business end users to create workflows by themselves. This enables business users to create their own business processes based on real business needs.

Almost all our CWP projects go live in less than 30 days. By using the web-based and built-in workflow designer our customers get processes up and running fast and smoothly. Designing the workflow mapt from scratch can take up to few hours, but many of our customers come with ready process flow charts. Creating the workflow itself typically takes up to 2-7 days depending on complexity, connected document management and filing protocols. Testing, deployment and final touches can take an extra few days or 1-2 week. The most intensive part of the BPA project is actually getting all the requirements and ensuring that they bring the best solution to your business demands and policies.

Although many large companies make an investment on Business Process tools, CWP is also cost effective for the smallest company that wants to automate business processes. All kinds of approval and HR processes tend to be the most useful for small companies and and therefore most popular when considering the organizational and cost efficiency gained. These processes also protect small companies by providing proper compliance tracking when it comes to audit, cost approval and tracking and human resources-related processes.

Many critical business processes can be short and simple processes like invoice/purchase/expenses approval but the complexity also depends on the size of the organization or business type.

We encourage our customers to implement a lot of 'small' business processes into the system that otherwise would not be digitized. By choosing the perpetual enterprise licensing with unlimited users and processes number gives the best value and cost ratio to implement the smaller processes as well along with the complex ones. 

CWP brings significant and almost instantenous impact by enabling managers to make quicker, better and more-informed decisions. CWP also allows business stakeholders to have more visibility over their business processes while improving efficiency, minimizing risks, enforce compliance.


Not at all. Business process tools no longer require large investments in infrastructure and this include Chronos Workflow as well due to its availability on SaaS / Cloud.

Chronos Workflow can be priced per user, per site, per server or even per process - whatever suits your business best. CWP enables companies to cut costs by empowering employees to be more efficient. CWP enables them to be more productive at their core activities by simply automating their business processes.

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Most of our clients are well-known medium-size and large corporations in Europe, USA, Latin America. You can see some of our clients listed here. Our clients' loyalty is outstanding and some of them have been working with us over a decade.

Chronos Systems has developed this flexible, powerful and highly user-friendly business process automation (BPA) solution to meet the small and complex process requirements on enterprise level. It helps you cut workflow implementation time by 50-70% compared to custom development or combined off-the-shelf & custom development projects currently most common used on the market.

Key benefits

  • Chronos Workflow Platform (CWP) provides you a full-featured Business Process Automation (BPA) platform with its graphical process designer.
  • Uniquely versatile workflow platform with its integrated document management system within, called e-Library.
  • The self-service, no-coding, no modular structure provides you an incredibly fast ROI on Enterprise level.

Great Scalability & Interface benefits

  • Incredibly powerful self-service platform with unlimited processes and users.
  • Automate any type or kind of business processes on enterprise level within hours and days which will help you make your business well-tracked.
  • Wide set of connectors enabling integration with different line of business applications and front-end systems (SOA, Batch programs, SQL Query options).

Maximum Value with Low Cost Combination

  • The perpetual licensing model gives you a powerful self-service platform with the unlimited processes and users. No CALs, NO moduls.
  • The SaaS option lets you use CWP on the cloud for unlimited number of users or processes depending on your subscription choice.
  • ROI (Return of Investment) is provided by the fast workflow implementation cycle time that can be reduced dramatically, on average by 50-70%. Efficiency and competitiveness is guaranteed by managing and streamlizing small and also complex workflows without major IT help or involvement of coding.

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The interpretations of the “workflow” word can mean anything from the steps in a work process to business process automation (BPA).

Workflow is a general word term that can be applied to:

  • A collection of business processes which collectively serve to accomplish the business objectives of an organization.
  • An individual business workflow process that is defined to accomplish specific set of business operations (tasks or jobs).
  • A process is distinguished from a workflow because it has well-defined inputs, outputs (i.e. a task-items) and purposes – Whereas workflow refers more generally to multiple related processes.

Workflow Automation

  • Automation helps to ensure that at the right time the right person gets the right information about what needs to be done and in what order.
  • Workflow automation is a defined set of rules required to accomplish a specific goal.
  • A Worklow Software is able to automatically route tasks through the process to each subsequent step, all the way to the completion of that goal.

Typical example: 

  • A manager incurs a travel expense and fills out an electronic form directly within the workflow system.
  • He takes a photo of his receipt with his mobile phone camera and attaches it to the expense form he just completed.
  • When he presses the save and submit button, it is uploaded and deposited into the workflow database, electronic repository.
  • The system intelligently recognizes the total amount on the expense form and automatically sends it to the appropriate person for approval prior to accounting receiving it.
  • The manager receives a notification in his email box that an approval must be completed. He opens the form, reviews the receipt, and approves the expense.
  • It then gets automatically routed to accounting to kick off the reimbursement workflow and get posted to the appropriate accounts.

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With this powerful and highly user-friendly workflow software you can automate and manage any of your business processes regardless of complexity in a self-service way. No-coding approach means that non-technical users can design and manage the processes with the built-in graphic process designer with a drag&drop method and define the whole process including its steps, routings, fields, users and email notification without coding or any programmer's help.

As for Chronos Workflow Platform - CWP the entire life and all development principles have been influenced by the intent to produce and continuously improve a software solution that is able to render diverse functions for enterprise users in a way as easy as possible. The biggest advantage of the system usage is that the process managers and selected users have been able to create, modify, manage and automate processeswithout any IT programming/development helpor resources. Get this experience and improve your productivity with faster process cycle-times! PLUS what's even better is that your organization team members can easily collaborate better by reaching, adding, editing, saving and filing any documents/pictures/codes/QRs by the built-in document management tool. Sophisticated email notifications can be set up before any set deadlines as well. WHAT makes the system more useful is that your company may import any processes into so you do not need to set up a similar but slightly changed processes by scratch. If you already have an existing process you would like to change than just choose&copy it with all its existing settings, forms and users for making changes in the copied process version. You may create any database connections easily and we also suggest you to set up SAP or any 3rd party system connections to exchange data for an even more smoother process runs and to increase productivity for your business.


  • Cloud or Self-hosted
  • Self-service process management and automation.
  • Built-in visual process designer (Drag & Drop).
  • Process Form based (Click & Add any fields).
  • Document management, office integration, word-merge, document workflows.
  • E-mail or SLA-based system notifications.
  • Full audit trail, records and graphic process history.
  • Statistical, performance or ad-hoc reports.
  • 3rd party connections (e.g. SAP, ERPs).
  • Export or Import processes (MS Visio, Aris).
  • Copy processes within (Choose & Copy).

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Yes. The system allows you to change the header, the color or font theme according to your corporate branding. Adding your own corporate logo and background image is also possible, no limits.

Simple processes can be setup in a matter of hours or max 1-2 days especially if the process map, the field names and types for each steps is available or collected. Your active user directory can be also imported into system to save you time on setting up users, departments or roles.

Complex or more structured processes can be set up within 3-7 days by an administrator user or key user without any coding. However Chronos' workflow consultants are also available to support your organization to make the set-up and transition even faster.

and which technical method you recommend to follow to make a process implementation faster? 

First of all, any process can be imported from MS Visio or ARIS, but we recommend to set up the process design with the built-in graphic process designer within Chronos Workflow. 

Secondly, if you already have one process in Chronos Workflow than you can simply copy it with ALL its settings (steps, routes, forms, fields, users, you name it) into a new process. You may rename the copied process and therefore you can also make any changes to get the desired process to run for your business operation or to your partners.