Finance and especially accounting processes can be easy but mostly complex ones with several users involved on different organization levels. Any changes are crucial to get done without issues and with a throughout care with appropriate documentations. The detailed data reporting with a document change-history reporting must be available on-the-fly and in real-time. See examples of finance processes our customers manage, digitize and automate by Chronos Workflow Platform:

  • Invoice processing and approval,
  • Vendor bill approval,
  • Budget reporting,
  • New software or hardware purchase request,
  • Fixed Assets accounting,
  • Loan contract managements,
  • Loan approval and processing,
  • Purchase Order request and issuance,
  • Procurement financial approval. 
  • Process can be changed easily and withing hours.
  • Document-based process trail.
  • Increased internal business satisfaction.
  • Improved quality management and audits with visual and downloadable reports, visual process history trail feature.
  • Reduced costs and time resulted by the faster internal collaboration.
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