Developing a new web application, building a new software solution and seeing how it changes the way businesses and people who work with it, learning their success stories inspires us.  If you’re up to the challenge then apply for our jobs and get to work in a productive, inspiring workplace where your environment motivates you to come up with innovative ideas, get connected with each other through the daily work. We want you to join our team and grow with us together.


Benefits @Chronos Systems

Development and sales offices in Hungary (Budapest), Argentina (Buenos Aires), USA (Las Vegas), Poland (Warsaw).


  • Paid Time Off
  •  Employees inspired offices   
  • Paid Holiday
  •  Free Bicycle storage area
  • Paid & Flexible Maternity Leave
  •  Free Car Parking
  • Assigments for small business contractors 
  •  Meetings Area
  • Free Medical Checkups
  • Refresh Yourself Area (changing room, bathroom)
  • Flexible Work Schedules 
  • Resting Area (sofas, playing area)
  • Flexible Spending Account for IT equipments
  • Free Coffee and Tea Selections
  • Flexible Arrangements For Home-Office Work
  • View Balconies - for Smokers too
  • Reimbursement for Commuters, Travelling Home
  • Kitchen Fully-Equipped for Employees





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