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Chronos Workflow Platform video introduces the advantages of implementing and using this ready to uda, off-the-shelf business process automation platform on enterprise ad undustrial level.

Chronos Systems has developed this flexible but powerful and highly user-friendly BPA solution to meet the small or complex workflow requirements. It helps you cut workflow implementation time by 60-80% compared to custom development or the hybrid off-the-shelf and custom development projects currently most common used on the current market.

Key Benefits

  • Chronos Workflow provides you a full-featured BPA collaboration software with its own graphical process designer.
  • Includes the Document Management tool called e-Library for enabling even a document-managed process automation as well.
  • The self-service, no-coding, no modular structure provides you the incredibly fast ROI by implemention this Enterprise BPA collaboration solution.

Great Scalability & Interface benefits

  • Incredibly powerful self-service platform with unlimited processes and users.
  • Automate any type or kind of business processes on enterprise level within hours and days which will help you make your business well-tracked.
  • Wide set of connectors enabling integration with different line of business applications and front-end systems (SOA, running Batch programs, SQL Query options).

Maximum Value with Low Cost Combination

  • The perpetual licensing models gives you an incredibly powerful self-service platform with unlimited processes and users. Chronos Workflow Platform will reduce costs and provide faster ROI.
  • The SaaS option lets you use Chronos Workflow Platform on the cloud for unlimited number of users or processes depending on your subscription choice.
  • ROI (Return of Investment) is provided by the fast workflow implementation cycle time that can be reduced dramatically, on average by 50-70%. Efficiency and competitiveness is guaranteed by managing and streamlizing small and alos complex workflows without major IT help or involvement in one BPA system.

Increasy Your Efficiency and Productivity! What are you waiting for?