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Why Chronos Workflow system shall support and automate business processes aside ERP?
How Chronos Workflow Platform collaborates with ERP systems?
Several levels of branched, parallel and sub processes can not be missed by CWP! Again, Why?


We give you the answers:

Why Chronos Workflow Platform shall support business processes aside ERP?

  • The ERP systems are enabled for standard process control. The development, implementation of multi-level designed or parallel processes deployed within the ERP system can result very high costs, including client licences. However, in Chronos Workflow the business process automation for each processes can be flexibly and graphically designed, carried out to the smallest detail on the administration dashboard without IT development. Even very complex processes can be easily managed and automated. We talk about hours and days, not months! Therefore, the process implementation time and costs can be dramatically reduced with an average 60-70% compared to a unique development in the ERP systems.

How Chronos Workflow Platform collaborates with ERP systems?

  • Existing data in the ERP system can be increased into the process, but the most typical data exchange happens at the beginning and end of the running processes from/to Chronos Workflow. For example, in the first step of the vendor bill approval process the vendor details and data can be raised from the ERP system. Then, the multi-level approval process starts, which may differ depending on the bill amount, items or which business line the bill relates to, etc. At the end of the approval process only the approved bill will be visible in the ERP system, data can be increased through a middleware or SOA due to standard security reasons. Chronos Workflow can manage these data exchanges through the standard interfaces, web service functions as well.

Several levels of branched, parallel and sub-processes can not missed by Chronos Workflow!

  • CWP is highly scalable, robust, user-friendly and an efficient solution for managing, controlling and changing any corporate business processes without IT development. Also, corporate processes become transparent, in addition to drastically reduce costs as no extra licence required for new implemented processes or new users work in the system. Nowadays, also very important that CWP is available from anywhere on tablet/mobile devices as well.

There are some typical processes which we are not connected to standard ERP functions and can be easily implemented in CWP without development very fast:

  • Contract reviews and approvals,
  • Complaint handling,
  • HR processes (employee-entry / employee-entry), etc.

Increase corporate efficiency on all levels by business process optimization and automation!

Chronos Workflow Platform (CWP) is a self-service business process automation & workflow software solution developed by Chronos Systems. CWP automates and streamlines business processes into a unique, treacable, reportable web-based system. It also helps to solve many of the roadblocks process automation facing nowadays. Fast ROI by the quickly digitized corporate workflows without IT development/help. Check out more technical details of Chronos Workflow.

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